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Created 12-Sep-12
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Limited time offer!

Senior Sessions $34.50 (reg $69)
Studio/Old Town/Natzfiger Park. Purchase finished portraits from Christopher Clark. Copyrights not included in full service session.
Portraits and packages start at $69.


Full Copyright Release on Any 2 Shoot N Download Sessions 50% OFF.
Studio, Old Town or Botanica. Includes 100-400 images, 8 images retouched and full copyright release. 1st Session $388 (reg $777), 2nd session $259 (reg $518).

Shoot N Download of any 1 session $518 (reg $777)
Studio, Old Town or Botanica. Includes 50-100 images, 4 images retouched and full copyright release. Get a 2nd session for $259 (reg $518)

Optional Prints and Packages
You may choose Basic packages that range from $164 to $845, or you can get all-inclusive packages beginning at $945 that include a full range of gift portraits, wall images, photo books, collages, wallets and even graduation announcements. Some seniors spend $300, a few spend $1000—but what you get is up to you! Select the New Shoot-N-Download session and get full rights plus all the images.

Call Christopher now for more information. 316-305-9150
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