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Mayor and City Council 2022 Collage (easy insert and remove personnel)Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 2.09.17 PMKansas Heart Hospital Leadership Collage (easy insert and remove personnel)Kansas Heart Hospital Website leadership portraitsImplant and Perio WIchita Collage (easy insert and remove personnel)Wichita Dental and Implant collage for websiteCollage group photography for website. DeVaughn James Law FirmDeVaughn James Law Firm head shots for website.DeVaughn James head shots for billboards.Woolsey Hall Wichita State UniversityExtraSpace building by WIMCO Wichita Maize RoadExtraSpace building by WIMCO websiteWyndham Hotels and Resorts Night Super 8 ConceptWyndham Hotels and Resorts Super8 Wichita SouthWyndham Hotels and Resorts Sunrise Super 8 ConceptSuper 8 Sunrise Wichita website Wyndham bookingFursatile Decore Catalog WebsiteFursatile background removed sadowFursatile background removed sadowFursatile background removed sadow

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